“Painting is at its most authentic core, the alchemical expression of a message through images and color. It has the ability to transform opinions, create new emotions and infuse unique understandings about ourselves and the people around us.”

  My work is the science of contemplation and reflection of my inner emotions laid onto canvas. My understanding of art is synesthetic. The voice in my head that relays my emotions to me have beautiful colors and images attached to them. It is about bringing the world of feeling into the physical. Each specific artwork of mine is a unique envelopment of specific emotions, each stroke of my brush with its designated color palate, is a physical depiction of how my mind views a specific feeling as a scheme of colors. 
Each work is like a door opening into a fantasy, a passage into a world of color, filled with wonder. 


Ursula embraces who she is, her history and unique perspective. Sometimes, the difficult period she experiences while working is how she gives life to her paintings. 

“A birth of new energy is what I feel. Working through the difficulty creates the expression of emotion into the physical world and onto canvas.”