My art has been characterized as an enigmatic amalgamation of artistic expression. When I create, I trust my intuition without reservation. Losing myself in the immersive process is an art style within itself.

Artistic creation is an integral part of my identity. It is what I do. Although it is not always easy, it is always rewarding.
By staying present and focused, I can use curiosity and openness as opportunities to learn and grow. My paintings become a part of me; an extension of my being. This experience eludes my capacity for verbalization. It is an intensely personal and private process.
At times, the process can leave me feeling drained, fatigued, and even exasperated, while at other times, it fills me with a sense of delight and inspiration.


When I am creating, I give myself the time and space to fully engage with the process. By letting go of any distractions or worries, I allow my intuition and creativity to guide me, and new ideas and insights emerge naturally.