Creating art is my life's purpose. My portfolio is a beautiful mix of styles. From the depth of my fine art to the playful 'Just B That' series, my work communicates with the world in unique ways. Delivering a message of inspiration and encouragement is vital to me. Some find it in my abstract pieces, while others resonate with 'Crowns of Power' and 'Daisy and her Friends'. I warmly invite you to enter my world and experience the love within it!

Crowns of Power Art

"Mark the moment with a personalized gift – because celebrations are best when they're uniquely yours!"

The 4"x4" Crown of Power canvas art, can be customized, turning each purchase into a cherished keepsake. Add a heartfelt message, a name or a meaningfull quote and make your gift truly special.

Ever wanted to share words so special, you wish your loved one would remember them always? That's why I wrote 'Wear Your Crown' – a book filled with timeless messages of empowerment and love.

Artistic creation is an integral part of my identity. It is what I do. 
Living in a busy world with so much happening around us, I find peace and solace from creating my art.
Every day I am reminded that life is rich and filled with beauty. The beauty for me comes from the expression of my imagination. It is in these moments of creativity where I thrive. 
The world of art has a powerful voice, and when we stop and listen, it speaks to all of us. 



My studio is my temple. It is where I become my true self  

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customer love


Always a pleasure to place a custom order with Ursula. Happy to report I added to my collection of Crowns of Power today!


Love my doggy mat! It brings art to my pups!


The doggy mat is a great gift for pet owners who have everything! I may get some more for gifts.