Ursula Schwartz, a native of South Africa, was fortunate to have been raised in a breathtaking environment. Surrounded by the natural splendor of the vast open grasslands, the regal mountains overlooking the ocean, and the rich wildlife, she was inspired by the harmonious rhythm of Africa. Her frequent visits to Kruger National Park provided her with ample opportunity to capture the essence of the "big 5" in their natural habitat through her sketches. Her father, a renowned entomologist, worked closely with the wine farmers of Cape Town and Stellenbosch, Ursula would often explore the vineyards, soaking in the magnificence of the surrounding landscape. The artistically inclined families of Marlene Dumas and Paul du Toit, with whom her family spent considerable time with, also had a profound influence on her artistic growth.

Later Ursula commenced her artistic journey in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she immersed herself in the world of art with devotion. In her mid-twenties, she embarked on a journey of exploration that led her to the United States of America.

In Florida, Ursula discovered a new muse in the power of the ocean, the rhythmic waves; a constant reminder of the ebb and flow of life's journey. Sunny days, beautiful sandy beaches and a clear blue sky stretching like a canvas of endless opportunity overhead, continued to inspire her; refining her craft with a heightened level of sophistication. 

Influenced by the revolutionary techniques of Helen Frankenthaler, Ursula has embraced a bolder approach to painting over the past few years, delving into the emotional depths and creative energies within herself. Frankenthaler initially worked with oil paints before transitioning to acrylics, which played a crucial role in developing her soak-stain technique. Ursula found a kinship with Frankenthaler's methods, adapting these techniques to her own style and use of oil paint. Her growing confidence is a clear testament to her belief in the power of self-expression. She recognized that by staying true to her artistic instincts and embracing a freeform approach to her work, she could achieve the results she truly desired. This personal exploration is what ultimately makes her art unique.

Her art has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions in art hubs worldwide, including London, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and the USA. Her work has captured the hearts of art enthusiasts worldwide, with collectors hailing from diverse locations such as the UK, South Africa, Switzerland, Spain, and the USA. 


Ursula's artistic talents were displayed in a solo exhibition at the Albin Polasek Museum; a testament to her growing influence in the art world. Her exceptional abstract expression style, coupled with a color-field sensibility, offers a mesmerizing experience for the viewer. The captivating power of Ursula's art lies in its ability to draw the observer's eye deep into the canvas, revealing a hidden vitality and pulse that suggests a dynamic energy of growth and transformation.

She has a deep-seated appreciation for artists such as Sou Wou-ki, Willem de Kooning, Helen Frankenthaler and the distinguished artists originating from her native South Africa, including Marlene Dumas, Irma Stern, Paul du Toit and Michael Heyns. 

My studio is my temple.