Lotus Series

Lotus Series

My Lotus series serves as an abstract depiction of the profound, meaningful, and spiritual life cycle of the lotus flower, serving as a metaphor for the human experience. The lotus plant anchors itself in muddy, turbid waters, growing relentlessly until it reaches the water's surface. From these murky depths emerges an immaculate and exquisite flower, unstained by its surroundings. This reminds us that, irrespective of our origins and circumstances, we possess the potential to blossom and thrive.

These flowers are diurnal, constantly seeking out the light and emerging from the murky depths. Their petals unfurl to bask in the sun's rays, while open-mindedness, non-judgment, and respect for others bring harmony and fulfillment to our lives. As night falls, the petals close, descending once again into the murky waters. At dawn, they resurface, radiating their beauty without blemish.

The lotus flower's ability to flourish amidst impurity and hardship is a testament to the purity of our intentions, which are greater than any obstacle. Beauty resides within us all, and I aim to convey this sense of interconnectedness between humanity and nature through my art, which is painting.


This one of a kind, sparkly treasure is a reminder of your worth, strength, tenacity, beauty, and kindness.


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