Introducing the world of JUST B THAT

 Starting this blog was never in my plans. The idea of putting my thoughts into words made me uncomfortable. But as time passed, I learned something important: we grow when we face things that make us uneasy.
Looking back at my life feels like a journey through a dense forest—a mysterious place full of challenges and paths I hadn't discovered. Stepping into this metaphorical forest, I faced tough challenges that tempted me to retreat and hide. In the shadows, I felt safe and hidden from the world's judgments. But in that hiding, I was unknowingly hiding from myself.
As the years passed, I realized a profound truth—a truth that's an essential part of who I am. I possess a special power to create beautiful things with my hands. It's not just a skill; it's a deep desire to inspire others, to help them see the beauty and love around them. To empower them.
Today, I find myself on the edge of my comfort zone, ready to share my journey. It's a story of using creativity as a powerful tool—a journey that has not only shaped the art I create but also the person I've become. I invite you, dear reader, to join me on this adventure, to discover the treasures born from passion, resilience, and a heart that longs to inspire.
So here I am today—embracing my vulnerability, ready to reveal the wonderful creations I've had the privilege to make, and more importantly, to tell the story that gave them life. Welcome to my world of creativity, inspiration, and the celebration of beauty and love in every way imaginable.